Acgen (Radio Frequency)

TOSKANI Purifying Cocktail is an effective mesotherapy solution to reduce imperfections on oily and acne-prone skin.

Brand :

  • Jeisys

Indications :

  • Seborrhea adipose
  • Oily skin

Gentle and Powerful Treatment

  1. AcGen(Gen tip)


  1. AcGen(1 Needle tip)

Variety of Selection

AcGen™ works for acne treatment and skin tightening simultaneously by using 2 different tips at once.

Insulated tip & Monopolar

MSR(Measuring Skin Resistance) technology
for optimal energy delivery accordingly

To heat dermal area, optimal energy is irradiated with real time skin resistance measurement technology.
The same effect on the whole face is expected during the treatment.

Clinically Proven

  • Neocollagenesis & Neoelastogenesis
  • Electron microscopic findings

Electron micrograph showing thinner collagen fibers consistent with type 3 collagen after treatment as compared with larger and coarser fibers with type 1 collagen seen before treatment.