About Al Karma

Al Karma International Company is one of the fast growing health care suppliers in the Middle East and Gulf Countries, of wide array of the most innovative and latest aesthetic, facial, body and laser medications and technologies in the world.

With the fast growing innovations in aesthetic medicine, we venture to deliver to our customers the best products and devices they require.


Al karma international Company ( KIC ) has been started its business in Kuwait with Aesthetic lines , Anti-aging products , Skin care , Mesotherapy and Dermal Filers . Our mission is to selectant the highest quality brands from Europe , USA and Japan


we launched our medical equipment and medical device business with Jeisys Medical , Derma pen worldwide , Equipment Medical , Eungsung and Ilooda Medical


we started with our second commercial name 3 MD Pharma Medical to launch our new branch with pharmaceutical products , fertility and food supplements

We reached our beak in sales figures , number of clients and number staff 2016


we launched our 3rd branch 3MD Pharma Medical in Cairo for the medical devices , pharmaceutical products to be our scientific office in Cairo


We concluded to represent more than 35 international suppliers from different parts of the world with exclusive distributor for almost 400 products

We have formed during these long years of experience in the local and regional market of GCC only to form huge network of clients and contacts in the private and governmental sector

For example, Dar AL Shefa Hospital , ALSEEF Hospital , Royal Hayatt Hospital , Mowssat Hospital , AL Oref Hospital , KOC hospital MOD hospital AL Sababh Hospital , Adel Quotina Medical center, AL AJralah Medical center


We are very keen on selecting the highest quality and the most qualified team whether medical sales members or admins staff . We care to much to offer our staff continuous training programs locally and internationally in order to provide the best services to our clients and be adapted with the international standard of the best medical service

Devices Maintenance

Our amazing medical engineering team is always here for you to make sure that our devices are maintained and performing well

Ask for Training

If you need to sharpen your skills and stay on top of your profession, then you will need to request further training from AL Karma International CO. KIC

Do not panic, our highly trained and professional team will assist you always

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